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laid is pronounced like paid but not said and said is pronounced like bread but not bead and bead is pronounced like lead but not lead

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Taylor about feminism

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True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.
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Beautiful women only? Well, that was kind of flattering.

Kristen Stewart inside the Met’s Costume Institute Gala (2012)

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You’re in love with him, and he’s in love with you, and it’s like a goddamn tragedy, because you look at him and see the stars, and he looks at you and sees the sun. And you both think the other is just looking at the ground.

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“Don’t be a pussy. Basically, that’s the best thing you can ever think. I’ve had so many occasions in my life where I’ve acted like a pussy and regretted it.”

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And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…

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Kristen Stewart, more than just a pretty face. 

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“I don’t have awkward moments . I have an awkward life , occasionally interrupted by normalcy .”

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Kristen Stewart as Martine - The Yellow Handkerchief (2008)